We Are Just Like You

Our members are not perfect people.  We struggle with the same things you do.  We fall short of being the people God wants us to be and that's exactly why this place means so much to us.  Here is where we come to lay our failures at the foot of the cross and to leave our guilt in the hands of the only Savior who could remove it from us for good.  And we want you to know that comfort too!

We are a congregation that is in the midst of a building project.  Although we are thinking about enhancing  our facilities...what I mean is that we're strengthening hearts and adding souls.  If you attend one of our services, you'll see some young families and a few people in the middle of life, you'll also see that many of our members are older.  Our young families separated from grandma and grandpa have enjoyed a congregation full of them.  We love kids and would welcome yours.

Over the last few years we have grown quite a bit.  We're building a congregation that serves not only our current members but people of all age groups and our outreach program is focused on doing that.  Is King of Kings for you?  As Pastor Quandt always used to say, "Come and see."