What to Expect

Our worship at King of Kings intends to combine the text of the songs that the church has traditionally found valuable with music that is easy to sing.  Sometimes the service will be completely familiar to our members, but we're always looking for ways to add variety and make worship more interesting.

The service usually includes hymns that coordinate with the theme of the service, and a psalm that is spoken or sung responsively.  The same readings that will be read in most Christian churches in our country on that Sunday will be heard in our church too.  The pastor usually explains one of those readings in depth during the sermon.  Usually the service lasts about an hour.

Don't worry about what to wear.  You'll see people wearing anything from suits to business casual or even shorts.  Just like any other part of our Christian life, we offer God our best.

We have reserved 8 parking spots for visitors so you'll have a convenient place to park. Once you get inside, our team of ushers will hand you a service folder that will guide you through worship.

After the service is over, coffee and donuts are served just outside the church.  You are invited to join us because we'd love to introduce ourselves and get to know you.  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask the ushers who handed you a service folder when you arrived.

We hope to worship with you soon!